In Central America, a dangerous fever rages

newsThe incidence of dengue fever has reached a record high

Since the beginning of the year in Costa Rica has already registered 38,490 people who contracted dengue fever. Number of people infected has reached its highest level since in 1993 there was the first recorded case of the disease.

As part of a large-scale campaign against dengue in the country held special treatment of areas of possible accumulations of mosquitoes that transmit the virus fever. The population is highly recommended to timely dispose of garbage and keep closed tanks with fresh water.

The sharp rise in the number of cases of dengue fever occurred in Mexico and in the vast majority of the countries of Central America. In these states are sick for more than 170,000 people, 60 of whom died. Due to the current situation in some Mesoamerican Republic announced the introduction of an “emergency health situation.”

Due to political disputes can America be without money

newsThe U.S. government was one day to pass a budget

On October 1, the U.S. is entering a new fiscal year , and the budget has not yet been adopted. This is reported by “News Economy .”

The publication notes that if, before the end of today the differences between Republicans and Democrats will not be settled, the U.S. government will terminate. Americans call it in one word – shutdown. Last time this happened 17 years ago.

Recent attempts to do something politicians have made on September 28. The House of Representatives voted for the document providing for a stay of execution of the presidential medical program Obamacare. The document is submitted for consideration in the Senate. However, the Democratic leader Harry Reid hastened to say that in this form of his colleagues did not approve the bill .

“If the government stops working , then the matter is that only the Senate. Democrats who control the Senate playing politics . They seem to want the government took a vacation , because they do not even consider our compromise proposals ” , – said Dana Rohrabacher , a Republican from California.

Obama considers possible solution to the Iranian nuclear issue

newsIn a special televised address , the U.S. leader said he had discussed the details with his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani by phone

U.S. President Barack Obama believes it possible to achieve a comprehensive solution to the Iranian nuclear issue . In a special televised address , the U.S. leader said he had discussed the details with his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani by phone. This conversation took place for the first time presidents since 1979, when Iran’s Islamic Revolution, the TV channel ” Russia 24″.

“I am sure that there are grounds for resolving the issue . Way to a meaningful agreement will be difficult, but we have to follow through diplomacy. And we can go to reduce sanctions if Tehran will show himself worthy of trust, if the dialogue is clear and specific ,” – Obama said.

On Friday, the new president of Iran Rouhani at a special press conference, said that he supports the early start concrete negotiations on the nuclear issue . And all of Iran’s uranium enrichment , according to him, are entirely peaceful .